Clean routine brew group having no-grease piston seals

The Londinium LR24 lever gradually became a little harder to pull, feeling as if the spring was getting stronger (which obviously it didn't). 

I pulled out the lever & piston and put it aside for a minute.

Next I sprayed the inside of the bore with HG stainless steel cleaner. It created a skin of foam on the bore. 

I took a clean micro fiber cloth to firmly wipe all the foam off.

Then I took a new micro fiber cloth, made it wet with water and rinsed the bore clean of the HG stuff

And repeated with another new microfiber cloth and water.

Momentarily switched the machine ON to flush plenty water from the sleeve in case any cleaning agent had made it through the little holes.

Rinsed the piston and re-inserted and fastened it and the lever into the group.

Result: smooth operation!

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What is the worst part of owning a lever machine?

Greasing the seals and having fine shower screens ruined when the silicone grease gets clogged in them, without a doubt

We've solved it.  This is the biggest upgrade you can make to any brand of lever espresso machine that utilises the modern lever group

This product now contains two sets of the seal kit.  i.e. two sets of: (one londinium portafilter gasket, three londinium piston seals, and the two sleeve seals (which are less than 1.6mm different in size))

Do not use any grease with these seals

These seals ship from New Zealand only by standard air mail in a bubble envelope

As our website is not yet sophisticated enough to price shipping from multiple locations i will refund you the overcharge that you will have incurred when placing your order - shipping from New Zealand to anywhere is NZD30 for this item

With no grease seals do not pull the lever arm unless the machine is turned on, as there is no water in the group to lubricate the seals

These seals are warranted for one year of domestic use

It is a bit of a palaver getting all the grease out of the group and sleeve the first time you make the change, but it will be easy when you eventually need to fit your second set of no grease seals as there will be no silicone grease to deal with

Please follow the installation video closely;

If you have been using a grease with PTFE in it you must carefully remove the ptfe from the surface of the sleeve or the seals will judder on the ptfe

The extended life of your shower screens will more than pay for the cost of these seals


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