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Espresso on Vacation: Australia

Australia is a beautiful country with an unsurpassed view from the house if it happens to overlook the ocean with whales and dolphins passing by. It's especially wonderful to be there if one has brought one's espresso equipment along so there really is no need to go out at all.  Here, we use a Mahlk├Ânig Vario Home purchased in Amsterdam, a Rocket Giotto from Peter van der Weerd  and beans from New Zealand roaster Londinium . Roast color is measured by a first generation   Tonino  and extraction percentage measured by the refractometer and app from  VST Labs . Grinds and espressos are weighed and timed using the Acaia Lunar scale. All this ensures that we can enjoy the simple but exquisite pleasure of fine espresso. The little Vario grinder is doing a great job considering its size. The extraction on the second (slightly faster) shot in the video was nearly 17%, so 18% or more will certainly be possible before we head home again to have more coffee.