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Coffee cup collector?

A new one has arrived. On the roaster in cool evening light On the L1-P lever espresso machine On the table

Beans & Grinds

Beans that didn't make the cut and leftover grinds can still be useful. If I grond a little too much, I dump some on the mound and the color difference tells me something about the roast. Beans that were either roasted too light, too dark or not deeply enough are chucked in the box where they are pleasantly aromatic for the room. A mountain of grinds Treasure chest of discarded beans

Lab Tech Trade Show

Utrecht, 15 June 2016 A brief impression of the small trade show for lab technology business in the Utrecht Jaarbeurs convention center. 

Coffee-Tech FZ94 clip by Roemer Overdiep

Impressions of the Coffee-Tech FZ-94 lab coffee roaster. It works beautifully with the (free) Artisan software (see ) by Marko Luther. For Coffee-Tech, see . Filmed and edited by Roemer Overdiep with the Sony A7SII camera from Carina Molier. YouTube version:

Coffee-Tech FZ94 at Artisan HQ

The Torrefattore FZ94 pro lab coffee roaster and Artisan   At the Artisan head quarters, we try a setup with the Torrefattore FZ94 pro lab roaster. For the software used, see and for the FZ94, see Youtube version: Connector used for our 230V socket :

Little Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster

Tije de Jong, Jan van der Weel and I are thinking of a small simple affordable-for-all fluid bed home roaster for coffee. This is a first new prototype. Video by Jan van der Weel Also see: