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Mixing Sourdough in Famag Grilletta


Famag Grilletta 5S mixer(& fixer)

My new Famag Grilletta 5S arrived today and is working beautifully. In transport a shortish tight connector had slipped loose and it needed to be reconnected. Luckily the machine is so easy, looking at it explains how it works. Youtube:

PNG coffee

Frequently over the past years, Reiss Gunson advised me to get my hands on PNG beans to roast and only recently I got a chance to buy 20kg of these, at Hoofdkwartier . I roasted a first batch, let these rest for 10 days and put some on the grinder. Yesterday there was still some hint of too-fresh but today it's a beauty: Well balanced, full bodied delight.

Londinium R24 wireless

Youtube version:


LONDINIUM R24 v LONDINIUM R   This video illustrates the primary difference between the latest evolution of the LONDINIUM R, the R24. The '24' recognises that the machine is now 24 volts inside, other than the immersion element of course, which is still mains voltage, either 120V or 240V depending on which edition you specify. See: On his website , Reiss Gunson of LONDINIUM writes looking at some of the recent discussion on places like the home-barista forum it seems that i havent communicated the differences between our machines very well i think the easiest way to understand our model range is to start with the LONDINIUM III this is a 3 group commercial lever machine with no pump that relies on a connection to the water mains.  the groups are not mounted on the boiler, but rather an indirect link only between the two with two thermosiphon pipes (a feed pipe and a return pipe) to circulate wate

Comparing roasts in the new Artisan v2.4

The latest 2.4 version of Artisan has an exciting set of new features, explained by the team on the Artisan blog: The new Roast Simulator feature is quite remarkable. You can load a previous roast profile and replay it from the start. This way you can for instance test different options of display on screen, or different alarm settings. The program behaves as if the roaster is operating in real time and all the data from the loaded profile roast event are being fed to the program and processed by it. This can be very handy to test a different approach without having to be at the roaster and keep an eye (and a nose) on the beans. Also, while training another roasting staff member, or giving a presentation about coffee roasting, it is helpful to run a complete roast (optionally at greater speed) while explaining about all that is happening, without running the risk of burning beans because teaching distracted you.