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BachoTeX espresso visitors

Arthur Reutenaur Arthur's cup Marek Czubenko Marek's cup Swiatoslaw Gal Swiatoslaw's cup Boguslaw "Jacko" Jackowski enjoying espresso Jacko's cup Jacko Jerzy's next cup Edgaras Sakuras Edgaras' cup Jerzy Ludwichowski Jerzy's cup Jerzy's other cup Willi Egger Willi's cup Harald König Harald's cup Frank Mittelbach Frank's cup Deimi Deimi's cup Volker Schaa Volker's cup Hans Hagen Hans Hagen's cup Cabin Siep Kroonenberg's cup Siep Kroonenberg Ton Otten Ton's cup Ulrik's cup Ulrik Vieth

Poznan espresso

Also in the woods near Poznan it's very well possible to prepare an espresso if one remembered to bring beans and some tools. (Youtube version: ) Poznan espresso

Espresso and Radio in Berghütte Krainhagen

Going on a short trip? Remember to bring the basics for coffee and radio and you'll be fine. Berghütte Krainhagen, espresso and shortwave radio   Youtube version:

BachoTeX koffiedik

More visitor/cup photos: Jerzy Ludwichowski Jerzy's cup During the upcoming BachoTeX conference deep down in the Polish woods I will again provide espressos in my little cabin #10 which is conveniently placed along the footpath from many other cabins to the place where meals are served to the participants. Some visitors come early, to get a strong potion fighting travel fatigue or a little hangover from the beer consumed during very late-night meetings about ligatures, microspacing and hyphenation in the modern world. Others drop by in the sunny afternoon when the air in the conference hall has become thick with glyphs. And some who prepare for another post-midnight meeting about LuaTeX programming arrive in the evening and then there is time for musing and brainstorming about 'the future' of this and that. This time visitors will be asked to share their views about the

Vanilla Sugar Coffee Crema

(See also: )  Sweet Espresso Crema Youtube version:

Crema off?

Coffee comrade Conni sent me a link to this 2017 video by James Hoffman who refers back to a similar (now lost) video he made in 2009 about taking off the crema of an americano, or an espresso even, to leave out the bitter taste of crema. I tried it and altough it's fun to do and I imagine that if I get better at it, I can impress my guests with it, but the taste of the espresso is suddenly a bit dry. So for now I will leave it the way it is, on top. The crema, left for an hour, gets darker and darker  over time (see timelapse below) and when I taste it afterwards, it's very bitter, like chocolate of such high cocoa percentage that it's not meant to be eaten pure, but to be used in other recipes, like in gravy. Crema darkening in 50mins Youtube version: Feedback on Facebook: Still, there is more to say about crema: Source: Link to source PDF:

bhi in-line noise elimination [RADIO]

Some examples of the effect of the BHI In-Line Noise Eliminating module. It can't enhance a signal that's too weak to begin with (if the signal is too weak, you hear a crystalline tinkling sound) but it can filter out a lot of noise, thus enhancing voice (not music). bhi in-line noise elimination Youtube version: Dutch noise can also be eliminated: Dutch noise elimination   Youtube version:

Weg vom Fenster [RADIO]

Remembering coal miners Weg vom Fenster from Frans Goddijn on Vimeo . Youtube version: