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Bee (no, wasp!) encounter @ Art Brussels

Yesterday at the Art Brussels expo, I saw these "Apple Bees" on a huge photo by Roe Ethridge. Crisp, alive, sharp and clean. PS: Rebecca Chesney of the Bee Project Bog points out that they're probably *wasps*!

Bee encounter: marketing bees

Since discovering Rebecca Chesney's Bee Project blog, I keep meeting bees telling me that spring time has come. The bee that I saw yesterday was plastic. At a gas station, the lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted 'freebees'. I first thought this was about a free frisbee and I said no thankyou, but I got a card with a batch of papers anyway. I threw away the paperwork but I do like the card. The bee could have been done better I think, more realistic, but the card as a whole looks sparkling as if it's made of clear honey instead of plastic. It's mostly transparent. I wish my bank card looked like this.

Bee guest in the morning

A small kind peaceful bee was waking up on the window sill this morning. It looked like it had given up finding the way out through the closed window. Fresh outside air was flowing in through the cracks but the outside world seemed closed off. I caught the bee with an old crystal glass and a piece of paper and put it on a rose brush on the balcony. There, in the full sun, the bee seemed to feel better. It could walk over familiar landscape and sense plant things with its antennae.