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Impressions of a 1959 oscilloscope (EICO Model 460)

(another non-coffee related post) (YouTube version: ) (Youtube version: ) Youtube version: Some photos:   And Also, check out this video by a real pro: and And for those who wonder "what's that thing for?" this: I also made this clip of a signal generator: And this one:

Artisan Phidget - Plug and Play weatherstation

(Also: When roasting coffee, I like to know and remember what the ambient conditions are, so I can later compare roast profiles and bean behaviour over different seasons. Until recently I used a "Eve" device from Elgato and its app on my iPhone: Eve Degree device, by Elgato Data from Eve degree, showing room temp, moisture, pressure Initially I wrote this data in the Title of Bean fields of the  "Roast Properties", then Marko Luther created dedicated fields to enter this information so it would be displayed after the roast. Now, Marko has further expanded Artisan to read these data fully automatical, at startup, from Phidget modules. To get this up and running, Marko sent me this shopping list: - a Phidget VINT HUB ( ) - a Phidget VINT HUM1000 (

Tije made a laptop table

In an earlier blog, the trolley Tije made for the FZ94 roaster was featured: Now Tije decided to add a laptop tabvle which fits the trolley very well in design and finesse: Thanks Tije!

Shot volume from modified La Pavoni Pro

The vintage and modified Pavoni which I picked up two weeks ago produces a relatively voluminous shot without any 'tricks' like the double pull a.k.a. 'fellini move' -- here I could have held the pre-infusion a second or two longer to get 40g out, but the concept is clear enough. After 20g extraction from the 12.4g dose the flow gets a bit faster and many would prefer to pull away the cup then, but the longer shot is still tasty.   YouTube version: PS about that cup from Czech:

ConTeXt meeting 2018 in Czech (not -hardly- about coffee)

I brought my Baratza Forte grinder and the modified La Pavoni to a meeting of dear friends of many years, all expert typography nerds from any parts of the world, this year assembling in Czech. Here are a few pix (and one video) -- the little Pavoni was a center point of many small sub-group meetings but as I was making coffee then, I did not take pictures. YouTube version: Conference logo by Duane Bibby

Coffee-Tech FZ94: cleaning roast chamber & heat elements -- burners

Michael Wong sent me the following report about his project to clean the heating elements of the FZ94, ensuring maximum heat efficiency. (I myself use a powerful blower to blast ash and dust out of the roasting chamber. First I make sure all doors and windows in the house are open so clean air blows in, and afterwards I vacuum clean the floors). Yotam Mendelsohn from Coffee-Tech adds this message: The gaskets are available all the time as separate item. However, when you order heating elements, we also ship with each element a gasket. Here is Michael's report: I would like to share with you my day long maintenance on the FZ-94. (burners and ash cleaning) A while back we noticed the right side burner was not heating up to its capacity (not glowing red hot). So I emailed Coffeetech, and Yotam kindly replied with instructions for disassembling the burners from the back of the machine. While pulling out the burners one by one, they were accompanied by huge amount of as