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Swingin' in the Rain

It's raining this saturday morning but in the Vondelpark no one seems to notice the steady drizzle. A half circle of swings has been set up here and every swing, when moved by the wind or by people, produces a sound from the speaker above it. All together the swings are a choir, singing along with the wind in the trees that hold on to their leaves for just a few more weeks.

Peter ( repairing two La Pavonis

One of my La Pavonis swiveled on its base which needed to be fastened and the other one had a leak in the sight glass. All in all a fine reason to visit Peter van der Weerd of again! First Peter admiring Tije's wooden 'cooling' ring Opening up Inspection of wires and internals. This La Pav still has the original p-stat Replacing old gasket. Heating element in perfect shape. Setting the boiler on the custom made tool to unscrew the bottom ring Unscrewing Another gasket ready to replace Three new gaskets Cleaning the base. Fastening the boiler to the base again Tight Reconnecting wires and pipe Meanwhile, as the one La Pav is heating up to see if anything leaks, repairs on the other machine, starting with the sight glass: Replacing the seals on the sight glass New seals Nylon gasket will get a rubber seal on top Rubber seal on top After the metal parts are in, the glass tub

Stone slabs in the forest

In the little forest, cover small patches of soil with stone and let some be for twenty years, others fifty or even a hundred years and come back to read what they tell you about time passing.