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Glass LONDINIUM Compak hoppers

Hand blown glass by Torr Toys. They fit the Compak E5, E6, E8 and E10 grinders. A very limited number will soon be available at the LONDINIUM website:

Roasting Nicaragua yellow honey Finca Cerra de Jesus microlot La Arabia

Shot from Batch #5, 18g in, 30g out in 21 seconds, LONDINIUM R   With a friend, I managed to procure 7 kg's of Nicaragua yellow honey Finca Cerra de Jesus microlot La Arabia for a little over € 90 (from Hoofdkwartier ). Usually I like to buy more volume because it sometimes takes several batches of roasting to "get it right" so for this one I felt I had to focus extra on giving it my best shot. Profile of Batch #3 At 11.7% the green beans are more moist than my other recently roasted greens so this was of influence.  The beans also came out a little lighter than expected in their Tonino color measurement. I usually aim for Tonino 95 and the first batch came out at 103 in a profile of just over 14 minutes. I charged more beans for the next roast, pushing it a little higher in temperature before dropping the beans but the roast took a minute longer and came out a little lighter even. Batch 3 was just over 15 minutes, a little higher temperature, and when I pulle

A grinder dialogue

Matin wrote me and asked: I recently stumbled upon a video of your Compak grinder paired with the small dosing funnel. I was wondering if you can share your single-dosing experience with your grinder? Is grind quality affected when you single dose? My reply: Single dosing works best for me in a really big grinder like the R120 where the size of the burrs and the speed make it near impossible for beans to pop and bounce around during grinding. With the small dosing funnel I do not single dose but I do ‘small dose’, keeping the tiny hopper filled so there is some weight / mass of beans resting on the beans that are being caught between the burrs and that way the grinds come out very nicely, enabling a good extraction. With single dosing on these ‘not huge’ grinders, the extraction is a bit more difficult to get right, in my experience. Even with the R120 there is a rare bean bouncing around but no bad effect on the grinds / extraction. Matin: I've actually come acr

Sergey's Fluid Bed Roaster

NB also see Sergey from Russia wrote us and shared pictures of the little fluid bed roaster that he built himself. "Roasted in manual mode. The temperature is adjustable on the Leister.  Blower by thyristor. For home would like to assemble a roaster with less noisy blower." Thank you Sergey for sharing!!

Londinium-R and Siri (Homepod)

Using voice commands to switch the LONDINIUM-R espresso machine ON and OFF using Siri / Homepod / Elgato EVE. Works in the home as well as remotely.

LONDINIUM R How to swap the steam arm to the left, 12 March 2018 onwards

The version of LONDINIUM-R shipping today has an ambidextrous boiler, which means that while the steam is normally on the right side and hot water on the left, one can swap the parts bolted onto the boiler and swap the steam/water parts on the valves on the front of the machine. Below is a video and a more extensive description of the procedure which one can do at one's own risk, with the understanding that it's best to ensure one has all the necessary tools and the required understanding of working with this kind of devices. Read the instructions as often as necessary, watch the instruction video several times over. If possible, ask for experienced help. Start with a cool machine (after it's been off for hours) Have this: Hammer All these exact sizes of wrench / spanner: 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 22mm  Do NOT use an adjustable spanner / monkey wrench here! A set spanner is much better suited to being struck with a hammer than an adjustable one which will round

Sliders and offsets in Artisan

Michael Herbert is working on a beautiful online manual for Artisan users, entitled  Artisan Getting Started Guide - Coffee Roasting   -- a web page with the link to a PDF of the manual . He emailed me asking if I could clarify something: "There are mysteries in many of the dialog boxes.  For example what are the Offset and Factor for in the Events dialog > Sliders Tab. If you have a good written reference on the automation features that you can point me too that would be useful." So here goes! You may have a set of sliders like mine here on the left in the illustrations below: Roast profile with sliders on the left In principle, the slider for FAN could be used from 0% (OFF) to 100% (MAX speed). See for example  with this illustration where the slider ranges from 0-100 and the effect is also 0-100%: But that would mean we could only use part of the slider range productively,

Little Fluid Bed Roaster 2, March 8, 2018

YouTube version: Artisan Roast software by Marko Luther. Also check out this new blog by another fluid bed roaster builder: