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SDR-Control for iCOM IC-R8600 (and bhi DSP demo)

The new SDR-Control app that lets you use certain iCOM radios as remote controlled SDR stations for Macbook or iPad does not yet (May 2022 now) officially support my iCOM IC-R8600 but Marcus Roskosch from told me that he recently purchased an IC-R8600 and the app already works on an experimental basis. I immediately bought the app, installed it on my MacBook, connected a network cable between home router and radio and tried it out... I also show how I use bhi DSP units to filter out noise to enhance speech at the radio and at the computer audio.  

Loop antenna garden (QRP loop test)

Loop antenna garden / comparing BH5HDE QRP to GRAHN SE3 and a big home made loop see also: I got the little portable QRP loop, assembled it and could not wait to try it out even though it was during tha day and signals were sparse and weak. The new one performs well, in part thanks to the tuning & impedance knobs. I compare it with the GRAHN SE3 and a big home made loop that I bought second hand. The latter has no tuning but is as directionlly sensitive as the others and it delivers an amplified signal to the receiver. I found a manual for the QRP, not included in the package: Instructions for use of BH5HDE QRP portable small loop antenna Welcome to use the BH5HDE QRP portable small loop antenna. This product can easily and quickly set up a short-wave transceiver antenna, allowing you to enjoy the joy of multi-band reception and communication indoors, windows, balconies and outdo