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Tije's "Shaken Not Stirred" coffee roaster, Prototype # 3

Also see: Tije has modified and improved the "shake" gesture and the mechanism interface. Also, there is a simple chaff collector now. Furthermore he has upgraded a number of details: YouTube version:

Nasbinals Think Tank

It's getting late in the evening but everyone's still at work. The presentations and group discussions are over for the day and the remaining time is spent on numerous projects, some together, some solitary or communicating over the local network. A pleasant atmosphere, everyone focused on something. One does not seem to get tired at all.

ConTeXt 2015 meeting in Nasbinal, France

("Think tank" pictures here ) Greetings from room #3 at the Equestrian center in Nasbinals, where the ConTeXt group is having their annual meeting. The little espresso factory in room #3 Somehow I forgot to bring the power cable for the PID but the pressostat of the La Pavoni is fine as well so nothing prevents me from making an espresso for myself or any friend passing by. On Monday, not everyone has arrived yet and those who have are working together. Many of us live in very different parts of the world so it was a welcome change to communicate directly and sit at the same screens for a change. It boosts development in the different projects under way. Tuesday, Taco gave a presentation of the alphabet and writing, starting with ancient native American "comic book" symbolic style storytelling that included advanced date and time table information, communication about weather circumstances and wartime history. On through Aztec signs and numerous other t

Yakup Aydin at the brand new BOCCA in Amsterdam

Bocca Field Trip from Frans Goddijn on Vimeo . Youtube version:

Tije's Shaker Roaster prototype 2

Caffenation clips

For an article (to be published later this year), Jan van der Weel and I are visiting a number of specialty coffee places. Here are a few video moments of our visits to Caffenation: