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Londinium-R and Eureka Mignon

I placed my L-R in the kitchen of my girl friend so we can enjoy easy and superb espresso in her home as well. Before she was happy with a La Pavoni of mine but the results always vary on the fun little oldie and the ease of pulling a superb shot on the L-R feels like cheating, so easy. The little Eureka Mignon (which is very affordable and quite silent for its size) pairs fine with the big machine. And since they are both glossy-reflective they are almost transparent in the kitchen, not an intimidating mass of machinery. At home I use the L1 more intensely again.

Hammarlund SP-600 JX-6 [RADIO]

Egon van Kampen restored this beautiful sept 1951 Hammarlund SP-600 JX-6 (serial# 69/03) shortwave radio receiver. Youtube version: From the SP-600 models summary In a Youtube comment user Willow Slough wrote: This is one of the best tube SW receivers ever built.  BFO is superb. All Hammarlund SP-600s which include the letter "J" in the nomenclature were built to military specifications, whether they had a military contract tag or not. Speaker audio from a stock SP-600 will not cut off if headphones are plugged in. None of the SP-600 RF/AF meters were illuminated. Hammarlund opted for a better sealed meter rather than illumination. The crystal selectivity positions were intended primarily for CW and RTTY reception but they are very useful for tuning other signals as well.  VFO is the normal operation position. The XTAL positions 1-6 are each controlled by a crystal for individual and extremely accurate (for the da

Espresso on vacation august 2019

Everyone knows the feeling of apprehension we get when the time has come to be 'on vacation' but on arrival in a strange environment it helps people to go through the ancient ritual of preparing and espresso that tastes just like home and then one knows everything will be all right.