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Pardon My French (roast)

 Tweaked the English commands for the French voice a little bit:

French roast

My roasting neighbour John gave me 1.555g of green coffee beans from Costa Rica. The clip below is about roasting these beans on the Coffee-Tech FZ94 roaster, using Artisan software. The voice used is French, hence the title "French roast". First a picture of the result in the cup, a delicious spicy shot:   For perspective of the ranges that I specified in  the first video above, here are Artisan's data of a few recent roasts of different beans:

Roast profile selection and roasting

As I received 20kg of specialty coffee from Hoofdkwartier ( ), I wanted to waste no beans getting the profile right so I looked for a similar bean's profile that I roasted earlier, loaded it as background and started roasting. Roaster used: Coffee-Tech FZ-94. Current model website: -- Roasting software: ARTISAN Youtube  video: First shot 6 days post roast Ian Fong wrote: Always interesting watching other people's curves.  Great to find one in real time.  Interesting how you have flat ROR starting from 5 mins. Never tried that, but doesn't it lead to baking?  Also is your charge temp at 250c? My reply: Hi Ian. No not 250ºC. The blue line touching near 250ºC is the RoR and for the RoR you must not read the left Y axis (250ºC but instead the right side X axis (52ºC/min).  I us