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Tanzania AAA Majinja #31 roasted by Londinium

Some spectacular Tanzanian beans roasted very light by Londinium. Floral aroma, literally as if some plant is in bloom. Mild acidity and sweet light complex taste experience. The floral taste lingers. Lovely. MK Vario home grinder, 20g in, 30g out using an IMS basket on the Rocket Giotto.

A coffee roaster in Crows Nest, NSW

Had a few delicious espressos -- Mexican, Colombian and Papoea New Guinea, roasted by the roastmaster--barista of a very nice CharlieLovett cafe in the hip neighbourhood of Crows Nest: A Colombian and a Papoea New Guinea. The latter was the winner!

VIDEO: Roasting Guatemala Las Delicias

The video below will be added to the previous blog about these beans but I post it here as well:

Gadget post: Cosinuss

(This is not coffee related) A friend sent me a small smart gadget which he received himself sometime ago: an in-ear heart rate monitor and temperature sensor which connects with a phone app over low energy Bluetooth to track and display activity statistics. Thankyou Marko! Box Brief symbolic explanation of the functions Charging Shopping Stats!

Londinium-R videos