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Artisan Inventory analysis tools

Artisan 2.0 helps me a lot by providing many angles of information about my stock of green beans, my roasts, the value of my current stock, an estimate of when I will need to make sure to buy new green beans to be able to sustain my preferred spread of origins. Some illustrations: Total stock (here from before I started using 2.0 until now) My current stock and recent used-up stock Some details about a recent roast Roast profile of that recent roast The density of my current stock Moisture % of my current stock Regional spread of my stock. Mouse-over pops up more details of selected stock. Age of stock, with harvest, purchased/stored and projected time before stock is used up at current rate or roast

TC4+ boards and Arduino controlled roaster by Matthias Gerstgrasser

illustration by Matthias Gerstgrasser On the mailing list for Artisan users , Matthias Gerstgrasser posted a report about his coffee roaster project, with a link to a beautifully illustrated, complete step by step guide of his work on Instructables: A while ago I posted a few messages on here regarding automation for my hot-air popcorn roaster, and was asked if I could share a writeup of what I had been doing with my setup. I know it’s been a long time, but I haven’t forgotten, just got a little sidetracked (more on that below). I have finally found time to do this over the last few weeks though, and compiled a step-by-step guide of how I modified my popcorn machine. This is now available on Instructables:   Do let me know if there’s anything missing or anything that could be improved. I intend to keep updating the guide as I find ways to improve it or as new developments occur. I am also discussing b

WILE 200 Coffee bean moisture and density meter

At the World of Coffee in Berlin I bought a WILE 200 at the booth of the Tonino team. The Wile 200 Precision Moisture Meter for Robusta & Arabica coffee plus Cocoa Beans is the latest coffee moisture meter from Farmcomp, Finland. It combines high frequency capacitive bean moisture (%), bulk density (kg/hl) and temperature (C/F) measurements for added accuracy. Some unboxing and first use pictures: The box The case case opened Batteries and USB cable included Battery compartment at the bottom Starting up, selecting English and Green Coffee Following on screen instructions Hopper filled, then pulling the slider to fill the measuring chamber The top will be levelled On screen instruction to move levelling brush over the beans and back Levelling brush Results of measurement Data of moisture and density entered in cloud app of ARTISAN 2.0 PLUS After a roast, wirelessly importing the resulting weight of beans fro

Mypressi Twist Espresso at Hotel Astrid, Berlin

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World of Coffee 2019, Berlin 6 Juni

Competition KINU KINU manual espresso extraction KINU M47 has risen from the huge fire that destroyed the factory 6 months ago PEARL S models Details of new FZ94 model bij COFFEE-TECH Doug of Orphan Espresso Bono Gargolov and Marko Luther at the Artisan / Wile / Tonino booth Bono Gargolov and Marko Luther at the Artisan / Wile / Tonino booth Paul Holleis at the Artisan / Wile / Tonino booth Marko Luther Marko Luther Marko Luther Marko Luther Bono Gargolov Marko Luther Sander Bussink (R) Christian Etzinger Andrea Schoech of Etzinger grinders Max Haase demonstrating the new FILTER model of the etzMAX by Etzinger the new FILTER model of the etzMAX by Etzinger the new FILTER model of the etzMAX by Etzinger Andrea Schoech of Etzinger grinders New cooling unit for etzMAX at high volume cafes Henk Langkemper demonstrating