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Coffee, Vietnamese style [video]

Vietnamesischer Kaffee from Frans Goddijn on Vimeo . Joschka Hahler zeigt uns wie man richtige Vietnamesischer Kaffee macht. Diesmal hatten wir ziemlich leicht geröstete Costa Rica Bohnen benutzt. On YouTube:

COMPAK small dose funnel

COMPAK dosing funnel from Frans Goddijn on Vimeo . Montse Ibern and Sebastiaan van Pommeren of COMPAK sent me a single / small dose funnel for my E8 grinder with the "Red speed" Lucidate burr set. I filmed the first shot I made with it, also documenting a tip that I got from Reiss Gunson of LONDINIUM. With the "red speed" burrs, the grinds don't need the routine stirring with a whisk that I had a habit to do, also no nutating, just a gentle shake to level and tamp. Extraction on the LONDINIUM L1-P, also using the Acaia Lunar scale. PS 27 July 2017 In practice, when on the road with this short hopper/funnel, I keep the funnel full to ensure that at the bottom of it, the beans are not bouncing around half broken and taking their time to get finally ground all the way. Keeping the funnel full pushes the beans into the tight spot, blocking their way back into the funnel and making sure the bean

Stick Charcoal In Your Water

Jan van der Wee l brought me a fun gift from London: a piece of Binchotan Charcoal . It promises to purify and balance water and it can be easily recharged by boiling in water every now and then. If it has fully done its job to clean up and sweeten my drinking water, it can be pensioned off as a deodoriser, inside a running shoe for instance. For now it's inside a container (kept in the fridge)  that I enjoy my drinking water from!

Amsterdam Coffee Festival, a few impressions

Today the 2016 edition of the Amsterdam Coffee Festival opened and a few friends and I went to see it. In two beautiful halls close to one another, many but not too many companies have presentations. A beehive of new and familiar faces, fames and small brands, classic machines, recent machines and some of the latest technology on display and word of the upcoming machinery from those who are developing it. Wouter Strietman was there as well, but not manning his own booth this time. His ES3 and CT1 machines are well published and selling to such an international crowd that it makes less sense to present it locally. We visited the BOCCA booth where Yakup Aydin was energetically hosting and introducing many folks to one another, handing out the most delicious samples of espresso, inviting visitors to compare the taste of washed and unwashed Ethiopian, organizing a brief demonstration by a colleague of him who made the most unbelievable latte art masterpieces. One was so incredible, no

Beans & Grinds up close

A green coffee bean, a roasted one and some of the grinds spread out. Worlds to watch and study up close. Grinds are often thought of as a mix of particles, mostly the same in size but up close it's more like moist brown sugar clotting together or ginger bread torn apart in crumbs.

First LEICA Q lever espresso clip

Leica Q video: lever espresso from Frans Goddijn on Vimeo . This is a first try at making a little video with my new Leica Q. In most reviews, the camera is considered to be primarily a tool for superb photos but I want to use it a lot for video as well. The autofocus works well and for the 'close up' footage the macro setting works very smooth. The video is a bit shaky because I am holding the camera with my left hand while operating the Compak E8 grinder and the LONDINIUM L1-P lever espresso machine with my "good" hand. Youtube version: