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Batch 17 spot on, finally

After weeks of experimentation which was documented in the previous blog about roasting beans from the Ethiopia Oromia Nefas farm , I have at last found what I think is the optimal profile for 1.25kg of these beans in my Coffee-Tech FZ-94 roaster, using the free Artisan software . I first tried this batch on the set that I brought along for a short vacation near Rockanje in Zuid-Holland and after my return home last night I could hardly wait to try it on the Londinium L1-P . 18.6g in the basket, 33g out in 41s after a 10s pre-infusion (5s of 2 bar, 5s of 3 bar). The espresso is bright, very typically Ethiopian and sweet, without leaning towards a dry after-taste and also not tasting too dark while still having a creamy mouthfeel and, when swirling the coffee in the wide cup, the syrupy coffee fluid momentarily hangs on to the side of the cup before slowly flowing back into the rest of the espresso. iPhone Picture by Roemer Overdiep So I'll stick to this profile for t

Tweaking a PID for La Pavoni

"On the road" set for coffee Being on a holiday trip is a great time to work with smaller equipment and to take a closer look at the configuration. Spending the day with these machines saves you much time and money which would otherwise be spent on sunscreen, sculptures and cathedrals. Earlier this year, during a stay in Poland, I noticed that both Pavonis deliver equally delicious espresso, even if one just has its internal pressostat to control the pressure/temperature of the boiler and the other has an elaborate PID system with a Fuji PXG4 controlling the exact temperature of the brew head by regulating the energy of the heating element inside the boiler, and Artisan above it all, monitoring and logging what the PID is doing, how much energy the element is spending and the effect over time on the brew head temperature. As you can see in the illustration above and below, I noticed this time that the ideal level of brew head temp was not successfully managed. I tri

Espresso on vacation

I know, vacation can be awful, the very word can give one the shivers. But remember, even vacation can be pleasant if you just bring along a basic coffee set. Then, waking up in a strange place can be so much fun! Room 222, Mannheim Oosterwolde Room 13, Regatta Poznan BachoTeX Room 304, Hotel Freimühle