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IMS Natonech and LONDINIUM baskets

IMS has a new type filter basket and it looks great. I'll use it for a while to see if I notice a difference in the cup. In my experience the quality of the beans is most important, then the grinder must be very good so none of that quality is lost, one needs to distribute the grinds well and have a fine machine to extract, preferably with a decreasing extraction pressure. The basket is not the part that would make bad coffee taste great but if the flow from it is good and even, and if it tolerates a certain range of lower/higher doses, that makes it a versatile and helpful tool in the process. First impression: a somewhat faster flow than I had with the 18g VST basket. Fine taste. IMS have also produced a very similar basket for LONDINIUM:

Viliam's TC4 and ZCD boards in action

Also see Quoting Jan van der Weel from the above blog link: A few months ago we wanted to order some extra TC4 boards for our roaster. This board is an arduino shield that can handle 4 thermocouples and takes care of precise temperature measurement. During the order process we had a problem. We could not order them anymore from the  mlpg-website . All the “order buttons” seemed to be disappeared and mailing them gave no response. But somehow the universe came with a solution. A few weeks ago we got in contact with Viliam from Slovakia. He also needed TC4 boards for his projects and he told us he had decided to produce the TC4 by himself. In case he was succesful we could order from him. A few weeks ago he told us that he had succeeded and he would send us one of his first production TC4 v6.01 board and his Zero Cross Detector (ZCD). The ZCD is a device that detects the sine waveform transition which is needed to control the airfl

Alex Campbell's homebuilt fluid bed roaster

" This is an overview with demonstration of my homebuilt coffee roaster. It is a custom build based on a "Bake-a-Round" pyrex tube. Power is from a 3400w plastic welding element and the blower is a 1hp unit from a jacuzzi tub."

Mypressi Twist redux

Four years ago I gave away the little Mypressi Twist that I had, but now I bought one second hand just to experience how that worked. Could be a good one to have at hand on vacation. PS 24 May 2018 -- managed to find a second set which will ensure that espresso preparation can continue even if the black one would accidentally lose a part.

Baked Not Baked, All Wrong and Well Done -- Roast Advice

On the public Coffee Roaster Forum of Facebook, Cliff Lawson courageously posted a roast profile of coffee that tastes great, asking for any input about his approach of the roast. This set off an avalanche of responses by people who of course had not tasted the coffee or even seen the beans. Some comments were helpful, pointing to better understanding of the profile legend and what the colored lines technically represent, others were very critical and a few highly experienced fellow roasters had very wise advice. All worth remembering and everyone had the best of intentions, not meaning any harm. Of course any profile is only one representation of what has happened. Terroir, roast color, moisture loss, and very importantly roasting machine architecture, probe choice and placement, measuring device, data  accuracy and communication speed also play a huge part in what might determine or explain a successful roast. Last week, a friend succeeded in copying on his own little roaster