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Espresso smoothie

A high speed low carb gluten free power lunch: YouTube link:

Javier shows new probe setup for 400g batches in FZ94

Fellow FZ94 owner Javier prefers to use a smaller batch weight and he noticed thatin that case the bean mass does not rain so much onto the probe that he has in the trier slot. He replaced the lower OEM probe for a more responsive one and now he can roast 400g batches very well. The FZ94 produces a LOT of heat energy when all 3 elements are on, probably due to the relatively high voltage in his house. Javier writes: I’m beginning to have some success with smaller batches (400g) - using the original BT location and new 3mm probe. Control is somewhat more difficult (my power is at 30% from the beginning and have to adjust in 5% decrements)— but in the end I just had a successful roast of some Rwandan beans and am pleased that I’m getting closer to desired results. Artisan 5 has been so awesome as well. Cheers to Marko!! The thermocouple I ordered fits perfectly in the hole for the old probe. Had to take out the old compression fitting and Voila! When I checked the new TC in origin