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Tije built us a nice coffee corner


Tije's fun little hip grinder

Tije picked up a second hand grinder and revamped it to be a wonderful little geeky grinder with a small enough footprint to nicely match his La Pavoni: Youtube version: Tije also modified the steps to grind finer/coarser, so now there are twice as many small steps to select:

Curve Controlled Coffee Roasting

With the newest (soon to be published) version of the free A rtisan coffee roast software  it is possible to have Artisan do much more than just send a "Ramp Soak" wish list for a profile and then log the roast. (Note: make sure to check out the donations page if you want to tell Marko how happy you are with the software he provides and supports with his voluntary work!) Curve and formula It is now possible to give Artisan full control of the roaster and to let the roast curve of your own design dictate the way the roast should go. And even, if you want to go super-nerdy, roast by formula . The Artisan math module can come up with a formula that yields your preferred profile and then you can send this formula to a fellow roaster or you can save it to re-create that profile elswehere on the fly later on. This can then in turn be used to navigate precisely along that roast curve, on auto pilot. It enables you to ensure consistency in your roasts and it frees up time du

An Afternoon at the Opera

Sanremo from Roemer Overdiep on Vimeo . Video by Roemer Overdiep [Text by Jan van der Weel and Frans Goddijn] The Sanremo “Opera” machine development used the input of an international array of baristas like John Gordon (New Zealand), Serif Basaran (Turkey), Sasa Sestic (Australia) and even Torpong Tantraporn from Thailand. This “dream machine” is new to The Netherlands so Maarten Meijer of Sanremo Netherlands invited us to come and have a closer look after we had a glimpse during the recent Dutch Barista Hustle . The aim in building this model was to use from-scratch design and smart engineering for consistency and a maximum of flexibility in selecting brew ratios and pressure profiles within a range of temperatures. A modern good looking machine to deliver the best coffee as easy as possible. We were joined by Best Barista Award winner Wouter Andeweg and Viola L├╝demann from Bocca cafe and roastery . Early sketch by Sanremo, from a booklet about the "O

Gorgeous Chocolate at Chocoa festival

Gorgeous Chocolate at Chcoa from Frans Goddijn on Vimeo . Visiting a cocoa trade show in Amsterdam. The low tech and taste high of chocolate appeals to many. In coffee you need high end tools to get the best taste but to enjoy chocolate, very little is necessary. Presented nicely, everyone loves it.

Think Coffee Out of the Box

If coffee wouldn't be such a challenge, we all wouldn't be here. John Gordon Coffee has been around for many years but we are still struggling just to learn the basics about it. Consistent coffee roasting, grinding and brewing is quite a task and many aspects of the process are not properly understood and controlled. What we think we know today may be discarded tomorrow. That's not a bad thing, however and the above remark by John Gordon summarized this very well. The joint discovery and sharing of knowledge brought together a group of fun and open minded baristas. Think Coffee Out of Box By Jan van der Weel and Frans Goddijn (Jan's version: ) On 28 January 2016, the HQ of Sanremo in The Netherlands hosted a Barista Hustle. The evening, organized by Vincent Zwaan and Wouter Andeweg, featured international speakers: Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, John Gordon , Ronny Billemon and Danillo Llopis. Baris