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Art at WG


ConTeXt User Meeting 2019, Bassenge, Belgium

Afbeelding Youtube version: see also: (Youtube version: )

Tije's cabinet for the Radio Holland RCA

See also:  My 1946 Radio Holland "Koningin Emma" RCA AR-88 radio did not have a cabinet / protective panels for the sides, top and back anymore so Tije made me one. Especially at night and viewed from the top this provides a warm and wonderful light play. Youtube version:

Matla and Archive Shredder Dust Fractals

While shredding decades of paperwork I come across many notes, invoices, letters and receipts. Some of them make me remember vividly happy and hard times. A few documents I save a few more minutes to look at once again before shredding these as well and letting go of the times they belonged to. One little membership card made me look up its history: The owner of such a card could call a number to have specialists retrieve information out of a trove of millions of newspaper clippings, publications and microfilm from a magnificent archive founded by Jean Hubert Matla (1902-1968) and maintained by a staff of editors when he passed away. Jean Hubert Matla Pelle Matla published a bief history of the organization online . It was the earliest Dutch press agency. In the 1990's computers and Google became more dominant sources to look up information but even in 2011 the Media Info Groep acquired the immense archive and set about to scan and intelligently index the 6 mi