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Boiler overfilling? Cleaning water level probe

A few snapshots of taking out the water level probe when it is not sensing the water level as well as before, and putting back the clean probe. After putting it back, let the machine warm up, keep steam & hot water valve open until you hear the boiler filling, then close and observe the anti-vac also closing with steam instead of water coming out.

How-To: instructional video

If you need to do something like that, then this is a good way to do it. ("or stress release and steam relief" says John) Video by Roemer Overdiep. How-To video by Roemer Overdiep Youtube version:

Volts and Amps of Zierikzee

Connected a 1963,  26kg  Delta Electronics TPS 030.10 lab power supply to a GRAHN Spezialantennen feeding long wave BBC signal to Rohde and Schwarz EK07D Youtube version: Volts and Amps of Zierikzee A Dutch Electronics magazine from 1963 has an advertisement of the device:

Sputnik 3 testing

Our "Tiny cheap coffee roaster" keeps getting bigger, with LOTS of work going into better construction to get more roasting capacity within reasonable power needs. Here Jan test drives the new control boards he assembled and programmed, but something goes amiss and the fan which should be silent at startup immediately blows full speed, so there might be a software bug or a TC4 that needs replacement. At 230V and 16Amp max, the roaster tosses and roasts 350g. The machine has plenty air capacity so if a heavier heating element is used (requiring a heavier power source) at least 700g batch size can be roasted. Sputnik 3 testing YouTube version: Before working on the roaster, we had coffee together and Jan played a guitar that Tije recently restored: Tije liked the sound: A Dutch forum member asks about our further plans: Erg mooi! Is deze voor eigen gebruik? Of willen jullie er de verkoop mee in? I replie

Listening to BBC World Service

Tuning in to the BBC is easy and one can do it with very basic stuff around the house. Here, for instance, we use a GRAHN LW 3 directionally sensitive module on the GRAHN GS3-SE , adding 10mHz to the signal to enable the 1951 Hammarlund SP-600 JX-6 to receive it. The BHI DSP is picking up the sound output, optionally filtered, its output going into an old guitar amp and speaker. Listening to BBC World Service Youtube version:

F.B. Hotz & an espresso

F.B. Hotz and espresso Youtube version:

Jan's 3D printed grind cup

Jan's 3D printed grind cup Youtube version: