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Grinding paragraphs in Nabokov's "Despair"


Hotel room espresso

Another one for the collection! Bad Kohlgrub Bad Kohlgrub Seehausen am Staffelsee Seehausen am Staffelsee

Hotel Room Mypressi Espresso

YouTube version:

Calibrating the etzMAX scale

Sound in the background: traffic, and Joe Frank podcast "At Last" Youtube version:

Acaia Cinco and etzMAX precision weight cross check

Checking the displayed weight of grinds on the etzMAX against another precision scale, the Acaia Cinco. A minute overshoot of a few 1/100 of grams is correctly rounded off up/down to 0.1g by the etzMAX / Acaia scale. YouTube version:

Acaia Cinco preview

YouTube version: PS the day after I made the video, the manual came out and I heard that I could have used 'auto-start' and 'auto-stop' on the espresso shot ;-) From the manual:

etzMAX 'Grind By Weight' test

I have a batch of beans that are a bit too dark for me so these were good to grind away during an 18.0g test of the 'Grind By Weight' option of the etzMAX Medium. Keep in mind that this 'Medium' version of the etzMAX is actually not designed to keep doing these fast back-to-back grinding shots (advised is max two double shots per minute) and without any cool-down time in between the shots you can expect less accuracy. Still, even taking that into account the grinder performs pretty good: YouTube version: A response from the Etzinger team: "To us everything +/- 0.2g is just perfect ;-). ACAIA did such a great job with that weighing software.    When the grinding chamber is empty, the motor will stop by itself... takes a bit longer though. Also, the system is optimized to be used with portafilters. It's impressive that the scale still works this well with that cup you've just slipped in. It's why we