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LONDINIUM Compressa fix

Coffee pal Jeroen who has picked up and overhauled my L1-P to be as splendid as new, also has a Compressa and he shared a few little mods/fixes: Jeroen's reporting: The output of the expansion valve exit onto the drip tray left some water marks: Reiss suggested a longer spout which I ordered along with other parts: Installing it was a breeze: This did not radically improve. Reiss plans to make an extra hole in the drip tray. Time to get creative. I will later reroute the hose to the sink drain.   The little white front light broke after a year of use so I replaced it:   READY

LONDINIUM 1-P overhaul

 Seven years ago I got my big LONDINIUM 1-P espresso machine: It has found a new owner now. I mostly used the other LONDINIUM machine that I have so the L1-P had become a 'sleeping beauty' catching dust. Jeroen in Utrecht picked it up and over the past weeks he gave the machine a full and complete service overhaul.  Scaling was an issue -- apparently the inline water filtering that I used was insufficient. I have since decided to renew the filter after 50% of its predicted life cycle. Luckily Jeroen documented the procedure well and was kind enough to share his story here. Thankyou Jeroen!!   Jeroen's story Picked uo the machine at Frans' place. The OPV showed a tiny hissing leak at first inspection. No problem, easy to replace. Emptied the boiler and loaded into the car. At home I noticed the manual fill lever seemed not to do much but the machine seemed to work fine anyway. Steam valve was