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Coffee roaster cooling bread

When baking bread, it can be a great advantage to have a professional coffee roaster to cool the loaf immediately after it came out of the oven:


The movie Scarface is about a vintage espresso machine but strangely enough after the first moments the story kind of derails and the script can't seem to get back to the classic lever espresso machine and the expert way that Cubans use it to extract coffee. It's pure art. One puts a cup of coffee below the big shiny group, pulls the lever to splash some steaming hot water onto the cup, then lets go and the lever smacks back into place, shaking the cup of coffee that was placed on the drip tray.

L-R -- New Londinium announced

This just in. See  :

Buckeye and Artisan setup tips

Screen from Buckeye's Artisan MODBUS Troubleshooting video Randy Harper, a fellow Artisan user, recently asked for help installing Artisan one one of their roasters because a friend who'd just purchased one of the BC Roasters was unable to get the machine to communicate. The new user was unable to subscribe to the active Artisan mailing list so we tried to circumvent this and use email as well as the mailing list. We went over the configuration screens, all was fine, it seemed to be a hardware glitch and indeed, when the serial-USB converter was replaced all worked again. Randy was kind enough to share the material he currently provides and it is shared here for others to use or suggest improvements. These are PDF files, and I provide links. They are hosted at my homepage for now and you can find them by clicking the link  and also below: Arizona / BC Roaster setup doc 1 Arizona / BC Roaster setup doc 2 Sedona roaster setup There is also a Tech Support

La Pavoni E61 Brew Pressure Gauge on a Rocket Giotto

Daniela Sgarbi of La Pavoni sent me this beautiful brew pressure gauge for the E61 brew group. La Pavoni offers it on their sister-version of the Rocket E61 machines and the gauge will fit many identical brew groups on other machines. The pressure gauge for the E61 can be ordered from La Pavoni in Italy (Item code no. 5530011) for a little less than € 30 (plus shipping of course). My Giotto was modified by Peter van der Weerd of to feature a dual pressure switch . . YouTube version:  

La Pavoni Repaired

Peter van der Weerd of KAFKO fixed one of my La Pavonis. The pressostat needed to be replaced and I was wondering if one pipe connection leaked. Youtube version:

First Sourdough Loaf (after 36 years)

Thirty-six years ago we would bake sourdough bread routinely but I completely forgot how it is done. Our little family shared a house with five others and we would eat dinner together, taking turns cooking and we also baked sourdough bread once or twice a week. All of that ended somehow. Later I got a bread making machine and instant mixes but that was not the same so I gave it away. In the eighties, baking bread was learned from friends, now it is taught on video clips and forums. This is my first attempt to remember. I purchased "Meer brood uit eigen oven" by Levine van Doorne and "The Bread Bible" by Rose Levy Beranbaum but this first loaf is more or less a recipe taken from the  Weekend Bakery website. 220g of sourdough starter, equal parts water/flour, half of the flour from organic rye, half of it whole wheat 340g of flour, half of it whole wheat 180g water 7g salt The starter was ready to go earlier than expected, so when I noticed that in the

Sourdough Day Starter

Half of a sourdough starter needs to be thrown out every day but it makes a wonderful quick and simple breakfast. No eggs needed, just add some (warm) water, a pinch of salt, a bit of sugar, let the batter warm up a bit on one of your espresso machines while you take a shower, then watch it become a pancake, add some honey and enjoy the crisp treat. The sweetness and the complex taste of the fruity sourdough create a delicious balance for your taste buds. Have espresso with it, of course, straight, no milk, no sugar. Sourdough Day Starter from Frans Goddijn on Vimeo .

Tiny Cheap Fluid Bed Roaster update: Chaff Collector & PID works

Tije designed and produced a beautiful and perfectly functional chaff collector for our roaster and Jan worked on a better configuration of Artisan to match the Arduino board so now the Artisan PID works so well that we could automatically roast along our pre-defined roast curve. The beans look a little uneven because they are very cheap Robustas especially selected for our test purposes. Next time we can roast the better beans. Also for next version, we want to get the Area Under Curve feature working and we want to see if the base of the roaster can be downsized. If we make a pre-production model, it would be better looking with a smaller footprint. Jan wrote this report for his blog: Yesterday we worked again on our Tiny Little fluid bed roaster. On the menu was to further configure the PID-settings. This should make it possible to precisely and consistently execute roast profiles. For our test we used again Indian Cherry Robusta. This cheap coffee produced lot’