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Mill City video: Don't Get Burned Buying Bad Coffee Roaster Advice

Newer version:

LONDINIUM-R in one box

Less plug, more play: LONDINIUM R 2018: one box from Reiss Gunson on Vimeo .

Little Fluid Bed Roaster update 24 Feb 2018

    (the blower looks much like this -- a photo sent to us by Sergey -- I don't have the exact type specs here)

Homepods (not coffee related)

The Homepods work very well.  (also in Stereo now:) iOS 11.4 brings the highly anticipated features to Apple’s smart speakers ----- Installation was simpler than I could imagine: connect power plug, keep iPhone near the Homepod and let the machines sort it out themselves, just "okay" what they propose to do. Some early owners remark that the bass tones seem dominant but after moving the Homepod around a bit to test this, I noticed that a table or wooden box that the Homepod is placed on, is incorporated as part of the 'speaker system' thus amplifying the low frequency tones. Solution: place the Homepod on the stand that's designed and built to have a speaker on top of it. Simple and perf

Faema Veloxtermo

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