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Tije's Roasting Room

Tije used to roast in his tool space / workshop but he has a new and beautiful space to roast now, on a high room with a view in one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam, one floor down from his loft. Tije writes: Yesterday I finished a makeover of our spare (guest-) room. I made a working bench, handy to store away some of our ‘junk’. It looks a bit more tidy now. At least for a while I will have the coffee roasting setup in here now. Today I did an attempt to reproduce a roast I did a month ago. The result is amazing: Marko Luther's Artisan roasting software and the small fluid bed roaster Jan van der Weel, Frans Goddijn and I built last year, seem to work very well together now. Batch 102 (Tonino 95) I did on june 24, Batch 106 (Tonino 92) I did today. The slight difference in color (the Tonino value) could be due to a different grind setting. Apart from this, the graphs are almost identical.

Small grinder Mammoth shot

Pulling a 40g shot of high extraction quality espresso using 25g of grinds from the small COMPAK E5 grinder, the VSTlabs 25g precision basket, the Londinium distribution tool and the Londinium L-R espresso machine. This new 25g basket may require a specially modified naked portafilter (mine was slightly widened by Tije de Jong in Amsterdam). It enables one to pull a large volume espresso with a tremendous mouthfeel. If you normally start the day with two shots, this one will send you off for the day by itself. After preparing one with the huge R120 grinder, I tried one with the much much smaller E5 grinder and it performed very well. A blast of taste, not due to under-extraction but very nice and balanced. This E5 can really pull its weight, plus more. Small grinder Mammoth shot from Frans Goddijn on Vimeo . PS I used 11.08% TDS in my calculation but it was (as seen in the video) 11.80% TDS which leads to an even better result of 20.27% Extraction.

Mandheling can be a handful

(Also see about roasting these beans) Two years ago I posted about an order of Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling beans that were quite a handful to cull before roasting. They can be very messy but deliciously rewarding beans to work with and now for € 597,84 (incl VAT) I have acquired 60kg of   Indonesia Gilling Basah "A. Manurung" Toba Highlands Mandheling Arabica  (moisture of green beans 12% measured with the Wile ) that are even more of a handful than the ones I had in March 2015. I have roasted 4 batches, looking for the best profile. The first had a moisture loss of 14.5% and roast colour of Tonino #106, the second was #108 at 15.2%, the third 15.4% at  #104 and the fourth that I just roasted today has a Tonino # 101 at 15.9%. I suspect I should push a little harder for a slightly darker roast around Tonino #95 but I'm keen to taste it all soon. A roast profile is posted below. Before