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Little Fluid Bed Roaster update

Youtube version:

Steam whistle

Using a model steam machine whistle and parts he created for the project, Tije made me a La Pavoni machine "Coffee is Ready" whistle. .

Saints and thieves of coffee

Afbeelding Life snapped into focus for Alkhanshali when he learned that coffee was originally cultivated in Yemen, some 500 years ago. Today, however, Yemeni coffee is regarded as some of the worst in the world. It became Alkhanshali’s obsession to restore its honor — never mind that he was broke, knew nothing about coffee and, frankly, didn’t much care for the taste. Never mind Yemen’s seething civil war. Continue reading the main story Before you can say Horatio Alger, Alkhanshali was assessing coffee crops in Yemen with seasoned disdain and wearing, as you do, a garland of grenades that signaled his “willingness to take any argument to its logical conclusion.” His mission culminated in the most harrowing return journey this side of the “Odyssey” — but time and time again, he talked himself out of trouble; he has a preter


Unpacking Stephan's new LONDINIUM-R machine and him pulling a first shot. Also on YouTube

Tije's Trolley for the FZ94

Tije de Jong made me a beautiful trolley to carry the Coffee-Tech FZ-94 roaster. Now I can push it into a corner when not roasting and pull it out when I want to roast. Ready to Roast and Roll! Picture bij Tije de Jong Picture by Tije de Jong Ready to roll! PS 15 sept 2018:  plus a laptop table!  Also by Tije

Hottop roasting with Artisan

Visiting Roman Farber to see his brand new Hottop roaster, I was amazed how simple and powerful the connection with Artisan is working right out of the box. Sliders for Heater power, fan, target BT and lots of other controls like Artisan PID control. I had never seen a Hottop in  real life before but with my previous Artisan experience it was easy to figure out and explain a lot for Roman, setting him up for a fast learning curve.

Shower screen flush

Trying out video settings on a phone, I made this clip (will next try higher frame rate). Higher frame rate and more lighting: 240fps 10 times slower:

Roast Color Test 'Baskets'

Tije gave me these plumbing parts that work perfectly as "baskets" to test and compare roast color using the Tonino color measuring device . 10g is enough in a basket like this and a La Pavoni size tamper fits it very well too. Music: Medeski, Martin and Wood + Scofield, "Hottentot". Video on YouTube:

Analog Group Temp on Pavoni

Found a large thermometer and tried it on the La Pavoni for good looks next to the digital controller: