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Wireless espresso / Light roast Ethiopia

Using the wireless module of the LONDINIUM L-R espresso machine, extracting a full body creamy espresso with all the bright fruitiness of a honey processed Ethiopia coffee bean, light roast. Youtube version:

LONDINIUM wireless espresso

Unpacking, installing and using the LONDINIUM wireless dongle / module, using the app to change pre-infusion pressure for different roasts. The app also displays current HX pressure and enables changing the pump response time. One fun aspect of the system is that I can log in and monitor the machine remotely, far away from its location. So if someone who is not very machine savvy tells me the espresso is a bit on the 'sour' side, I can remotely increase the pre-infusion/extraction  pressure/temp and boom, problem solved ;-) Youtube version: Fast version:

Balancing airflow and heat in the FZ94

Perforated My Coffee-Tech FZ94 roaster has a perforated drum which makes the airflow very effective, enabling me to blow out any excessive heat while ensuring that enough heat remains inside the drum area to navigate the planned roast profile. Airflow control Until recently I kept gradually increasing the airflow during the roast, mostly following a routine developed over many roasts. I did lower the heat of the elements somewhat as FC approached, preventing an escalation of heat when at FC the beans exhale much steam when the cells expand under the great internal pressure that also develops to create the delicious taste and aroma of the coffee beans. In the Artisan profile above one can see how airflow (the blue graph) is gradually stepped up from its lowest (corresponding to about 30% of max) up to 75% of max airflow capacity. At the lowest airflow, enough air is pushed through the drum to prevent smoke from interfering with the taste of the beans and at the high end it pull

One way to use the COLINO coffee bean screens

see also: Youtube version:

COLINO screens for green coffee beans

( ) see also: Inspired by a laser cut plastic set of green coffee screen sieves created by Jan van der Weel , the Tonino team of Marko Luther and Paul Holleis set out to develop a system with a full array of sieves for Arabica, Robusta and even peaberry green coffee beans under the name Colino. Jan and I were among the first to try our hands at the basic Arabica Set for screen size 16, 18 and 20. This video shows the unboxing, assembly and clever stacking of the set. The material is environment friendly, completely biodegradable. COLINO screens for green coffee beans Youtube version of video: Marko writes: We most likely will release the Arabica set soon and plan to have also a "Colino Robusta" set with the uneven sieves 15, 17 and 19. Or all Arabica and Robu