Taking out the light beans

After each roast I manually check the beans, not only for stones but also to take out any 'odd' beans that I spot. That's mostly the beans that remained rather light, yellowish. It's assumed that these result from unripe berries. I see this more frequently in 'pulped natural' / 'unwashed' beans.

Today I took the small handful of oddly light beans and ground them the same as the sample of other beans that I roasted in that batch.

 The production has Tonino #92 and the 'light' ones came out Tonino #116.

 Quite a  huge difference! 

The light ones also smell odd (stale peanuts). So this hand sorting is a good thing.

see also:


On the left, the #92 production, on the right, the #116 'light outtakes'

The roast profile. Brazil Pianta pulped natural

PS Björn Aarts has a special device to do this automatically:


This "Pearl Mini" is not cheap though. I can see why one would like one on a big discount in return for exposure.



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