Comparing, deciding and being happy

Frequently, friends in the coffee world ask me for advice on what new product to buy and the advice is both simple and hard to give.

Since it all starts with getting delightful beans from an excellent roaster, the subsequent choices often yield wonderful coffee, even if the grinder may not be the absolute best or when the espresso machine is sub-optimal.

Still it is a great joy to get the best tools one can afford as it becomes so much easier to crank out the divine shots time and time again if the machinery is up to par.

When you have the budget to acquire what's currently considered the best, or the latest cutting edge piece of technology, this is extra thrilling but it can make some folks anxious as well -- what if I make the wrong choice? Considering the high price, how sick and awful will I feel when buyer's remorse hits me and a new latest machine is launched, way out of my reach?

Take this: with practice, you will find that making the choice actually makes that choice the right one. Once you master the ability to be happy, you will be. What you'll be happy with exactly remains important, but you made it important.


Ziv Sade zei…
Lol - looks familiar
Frans zei…
Yes! Thank you very much for your contribution!!

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