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PS 3 September 2018
This week I'm using the machine in my little 'home' attending a ConTeXt conference and during coffee/lunch/dinner breaks fellow TeX users come visit to my coffee room:

The machine performs very well. The high boiler pressure results in a better than usual pre-infusion. The air pocket between piston and water is highly compressed or this air is somehow pushed out altogether as can be felt by the 'hard' resistance of the lever at the end of pre-infusion, much like one feels when using the Strietman lever espresso machine.

Shot volume is then also more than I normally get from a La Pavoni.

The group needs a warmup flush (about 40ml) once the boiler is up to pressure and a very brief warmup flush before the first shot. From then on multiple back to back shots can be served to visitors with a full bodied and sweet result, not too hot, not burned in taste.

The entire machine gets very hot, inclding the base/foot since the extra tube from the boiler moves around the base before cutting upwards into the neck of the brew group.

I measured the shot volume. It's easy to get 40g of espresso in one shot, without any funny tricks like the so called 'fellini' move. Just lifting the lever, allowing a 10s pre-infusion, and extract in one go. I got a little more than 40g but 40g is more than enough from the 12-12.5g of coffee that I load in the basket.

Clip (slightly lower volume):

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