USR 3K roaster and Artisan setup

Fellow home roaster and Artisan user Mike Silver and I recently exchanged some hints and tips for the use of Artisan and I asked Mike if he would be willing to share the basics about his setup.

He provided these below, and hopefully other roasters contemplating the same combination of roaster and Artisan will benefit from this information:
Operating a US Roaster Corp 3 Kilo Roaster powered by propane gas and utilizing electronic Drum, Fan and Burner Pressure controls.  The roaster also has a manual air damper located on the bean chute for controlling air flow through the drum.
A Phidget 1048 USB interface device is utilized to connect my MacBook Pro to the USR 3 Kilo J-Type Thermocouples.  I am running the latest version of Mac OSX – Sierra, along with Artisan 1.0.0 (1).
Two separate J-Type thermocouples are used inside the drum to measure Bean Temp (BT).  One BT thermocouple connects directly to the Digital Temperature Controller on the roaster’s control panel and the other BT thermocouple connects directly to the Phidget 1048 USB Interface device.  A third J-Type thermocouple is mounted in the bean chute for measuring Environmental/Exhaust Temperature (ET).
The ET Thermocouple has dual leads connecting directly and separately to the digital exhaust temperature gauge on the roaster’s control panel and to the Phidget 1048 USB Interface device.

Thank you Mike!


That looks a lot like our roaster in general, but the controls seem to have been revised since we got ours in 2009. Curious whether the potentiometers are your machine are electronic or mechanical. We have a lot of inconsistency with our due to the fuzziness of the mechanical potentiometers which control the electronic drives.

We have added a number of extra thermocouples, including two before the drum (air intake temperature), one attached to the drum and one in the cooling pan. More details on my blog here:

We recently started using artisan with a Phidget 1048 and a Yocto-Thermocouple for a total of six readings.
Frans zei…
Thanks very much for your reply! I will check your web page and I will share your remarks with Mike and other Artisan users.
Unknown zei…
Hello...I am interested in profiling my 23 kilo US Roasters Machien with phidgets-->WIN or OS X via Typica or Artisan...I know that you now use Cropster, but was interested in your experience with the latter SW/install...


John Jenkins
Orange County Roasters
Orange, VA
Frans zei…
I use Artisan -- have never used Cropster

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