Autotuning the PXG4 for the La Pavoni

Below is an update on the earlier blog about PID and La Pavoni:

Switching on the 'autotune' around the operating group temp of 77ºC did not work well recently since the procedure involves having the heating element on full capacity for a certain amount of time and at the given temperature that would result in considerable overpressure for the boiler with a violently hissing overpressure valve.
Resulting PID settings read from Fuji PXG-4 and saved
Following the advice of a friend, I tried the autotune at 45ºC group temp and then went very well. Next, I tested this same PID setting on the internal PID of Artisan and the system worked very well. Then I also tested this at higher temperatures, in steps of 10ºC and finally on the working group temp of 77ºC.

Testing the PID controller in several steps ramping up the group temp
This morning I did a full warmup using the PID and bypassing the pressostat from the start. I opened the steam wand a little when the pressure approached max and the OPV started hissing, closed it again as the PID was lowering the power for the heating element and boiler pressure went down.

After 26 minutes I pulled a delicious espresso and observed the group stabilising neatly.

Warmup and one espresso at 26mins


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