Red Seals Not For Everyone

Recently I found and bought red rubber seals for the piston of my LONDINIUM espresso machine. They looked good and it was fun to see if these would give a different result. They did seem to seal a little better but it turns out they seal too good. This is noticeable when one tries to remove the piston for service. It's very hard to get the piston out as the seals fiercely resist any movement.

This cannot be good for coffee extraction, because the spring that pushes the lever down in the brew group needs to struggle against the seals first before it can press on the coffee puck.

Peter van der Weerd of noticed this and replaced the seals with better fitting black ones out of his stock.

Red seals on piston, try to notice their fit:

From this angle:
A black seal and a red one held together:
 Red and black on the same piston:

All black seals:


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