Roasting PNG with an eye on energy use


I pre-heated the FZ94 more than before to see if I could save energy overall. I used a bit more energy actually. Maybe I can lower the fan during warmup, because the fan sucks hot air out of the machine into the exhaust. I do want some airflow though, to ensure an even distribution of the heat. Taking care its not just the bottom of the machine getting hot.

Switched the machine on at 18:02

After warmup, 0.9 kWh had been used.

Gradually, the heater power declines from 2800W to 2000W during roasting.

 1t 18:35 I DROPped the beans at 1.389 kWh used

After roasting, the machine with just some airflow and drum rolling takes 180W

13 December roast total 1.305 kWh:

Warmup started 19:46, ready in 14min, 0.641 kWh

FC 20:12 after 12min, 1.137 kWh

DROP 20:15, 1.278 kWh

COOL ending at 1.305 kWh

B4: 1.21 kWh

Batch 5:

batch 6 (1500g)

Warmup took 0.667 kWh

FC at 1.067 kWh

OFF at 1.213 kWh

Batch 7, 1500g, 1.2 kWh:

Batch 8 -- 1.2 kWh


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