Crema off?

Coffee comrade Conni sent me a link to this 2017 video by James Hoffman who refers back to a similar (now lost) video he made in 2009 about taking off the crema of an americano, or an espresso even, to leave out the bitter taste of crema.

I tried it and altough it's fun to do and I imagine that if I get better at it, I can impress my guests with it, but the taste of the espresso is suddenly a bit dry.

So for now I will leave it the way it is, on top.

The crema, left for an hour, gets darker and darker  over time (see timelapse below) and when I taste it afterwards, it's very bitter, like chocolate of such high cocoa percentage that it's not meant to be eaten pure, but to be used in other recipes, like in gravy.

Crema darkening in 50mins

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Still, there is more to say about crema:


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And now, with vanilla sugar:
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John writes: "The null hypothesis is supported. As you predicted, fingers taste good."

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