More about Sergey's fluid bed roaster

Last March I posted about Sergey's roaster here:

This week Sergey sent me more info about his setup;

Main thing. I just wanted to try using what was already in the office (Leister). If there was no Leister there would be no project.

Today it looks like this

1. An old stand for the system unit

2. Leister Mistral 6 Premium 230v/3400 -

3. Turret. Built to the dimensions of the glass. Glass from a gas or petrol lamp. Do not remember the model.  Glass is thin. For a large volume is not suitable.

4. Now the blower such. See photo. The main criterion of reliability and the prospect of further use.

5. Blower control 10000 W AC to 220

6. Collector in the image and likeness as Yours. Very convenient for beginners. Good to hear the beans crackling. When you connect the cyclone is hard to hear.

By the way, Leister responds very well to manual control (graph 1).

Graph 2 software control of the Leister heater. "Saw" due to incorrect connection to the Artisan.

The pictures of roasted coffee are old. With experience came understanding. Better today.

I do not know how much electricity is used.

The maximum volume of green coffee is 500 gr. Comfortable frying 400 + - 50 gr

YouTube version:


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