Simplify module adjustment

Since it's fun and propductive to tweak the pre-infusion once the digital module is installed, I frequently find myself trying out a new setting.

With the module behind the right side panel, this involves a few steps:
1) switch off machine
2) take off reservoir lid
3) take off top panel
4) take out reservoir
5) take off side panel
6) adjust setting
7) attach side panel
8) attach top panel
9) insert reservoir
10) put on reservoir lid

Taking off the reservoir / tank is necessary for me because re-attaching the top panel with the reservoir in place involves precision wriggling which I like to avoid.

A downside of this is that frequently removing and re-inserting the reservoir can get dust / grease on the water level sensor and this causes the "i have no water" alarm to go off. Also I find that keeping the reservoir where it is prevents a situation where the pump is gasping with air instead of water, since re-inserting the reservoir opens/closes the connection where one wants air to keep out as much as possible.

To make module adjustment easier, the future optional wireless app is an idea but for me that's introducing high tech in a machine that's so beautiful in its simplicity.

An alternative would be a nice bracket at the back / side of the machine to mount the module on, and a slit in the back panel to lead the wires from the module through. This would involve some work to make the bracket look real good and to keep the wires protected.

Then I thought of simply removing the nipple from the top panel that catches the side panel.

I removed it (simple with a small 10mm spanner) and now I can quickly

1) take off the side panel,
2) change settings, observe the result and
3) re-attach the side panel.

No need for a complex mod! And the top panel and tank/reservoir can stay where they are.


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