Artisan Phidget - Plug and Play weatherstation


When roasting coffee, I like to know and remember what the ambient conditions are, so I can later compare roast profiles and bean behaviour over different seasons.

Until recently I used a "Eve" device from Elgato and its app on my iPhone:

Eve Degree device, by Elgato

Data from Eve degree, showing room temp, moisture, pressure

Initially I wrote this data in the Title of Bean fields of the  "Roast Properties", then Marko Luther created dedicated fields to enter this information so it would be displayed after the roast.

Now, Marko has further expanded Artisan to read these data fully automatical, at startup, from Phidget modules.

To get this up and running, Marko sent me this shopping list:

- a Phidget VINT HUB (
- a Phidget VINT HUM1000 (
- a Phidget VINT PRE1000 (
- and 2x VINT cables (as suggested on the order pages of the HUM1000 and PRE1000 modules)

Plus download and install the Phidgets v2.2 driver for Mac OS X from their pages.

I expected some trouble in assembly, or at least in configuration, attempting to actually make the Phidgets talk to the laptop and Artisan, but it turned out to be dead simple, a matter of unpacking, clicking in, connecting, and starting.

Artisan now requests, at START, the ambient values from the Phidget sensors. So it's a good idea to make sure the Phidgets hub is connected to your computer before clicking START in Artisan. One can also update/refresh the ambient data at a later time in the Roast Properties menu.

Shipment in the box arrived

Unpacked, ready to click in the wires between the modules and the hub

Stuck the modules and hub on underside of the table near the roaster, using 3 blobs of yellow Sugru
Phidgets hub USB to laptop Artisan already recognized the parts

Clicked "update" to read the new "Ambient Conditions" values instead of the ones I had manually entered

Ambient info displayed on the overview

PS below 3 temporary files:


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