Motorizing HG One part 2

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Today, Tije measured the places where the engine has to be bolted on the plate and the places where the plate needs to be bolted on the HG One. He then drilled the holes, cut off the exact needed length of thread to bolt on and he cut some spacers to ensure that the engine will not be 'rolling' or 'twisting' around while grinding.

To make it all fit, Tije figured out which bolts to fasten first because as the combination gets fitted together, a spanner has little room to fasten some hard-to-reach bolts.

As we tested the engine grinding beans, we found that it takes a lot of energy. About 20V and around 8 A current. The present transformer has a hard time keeping that up so we will look for another one. Also, the enormous torque coming from the engine made it necessary to get an extra tight fit of the coupling, with the bolt inside on the threaded axis of the motor fastened very hard.

A first test video:

 And some pictures of the work done:


Drawing a circle


A nifty tool to see angles



Hole for the engine axis

Could be right!

Sawing off spacers

Spacers, plate, coupler

Plate and coupler

Ready for testing

Done for today!


Holger zei…
well done :)
Holger zei…
well done :)

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