Strietman ES3 visiting

Wouter Strietman ES3
Two days ago, Wouter Strietman came by to taste some espresso from my LONDINIUM I and to check out my Fracino roaster with its Fiju controller and Artisan software monitor.

He also brought along his convention-demo model of the ES3 espresso maker and I can play with it the coming weeks before he needs it again for another coffee festival.

Soon, Roemer Overdiep and I will shoot some video but this morning I made myself a few espresso's.

Nice gloopy extraction

The beans I currently have for espresso, Limu & Jimma from Moyee, have been roasted a bit dark and lean toward a strong traditional Italian taste. Not ideal for my setup, especially with the high dose I am currently using on the LONDINIUM. With just 12g in the ES3 basket, the taste is a little more mild but I will get some other beans shortly and I also plan to test it with some beans that I roasted very light for filter.

Wouter told me to allow 10 minutes warm up time. If fed with cold water, the element in the brass body behind the brew group heats up, then waits for the heat to dissipate into the brew group & water before the heater switches on again.

Since I had the LONDINIUM on anyway, I started off with pouring some hot water from it into the ES3 and covering the funnel with the new metal 'dust cap' hat Wouter has made. This also helps to keep more heat in the open boiler/funnel and the group was ready to go in no time.

Lifting the lever also 'clicks' open a tiny ball valve in the middle of the piston, allowing hot water to flow downward onto the shower screen and on the coffee puck as the piston rises. This way there is no momentary low pressure above the puck and no need to suck up air through the puck. It helps to ensure that the puck remains intact.

With just a very light pull, the espresso flowed evenly from the ES3 basket.
This ES3 basket happens to be the exact same size as the 'old' pre-millennium La Pavoni and I think this might be a nice little precision alternative for the La Pavoni OEM basket. Wouter sells the basket and it's rather cheap compared to the price paid for 58mm baskets. I think he said 8 Euro. I bought a few extra so I can let some friends try them out too.

The taste from these rather dark beans was, as expected, a little more mild but I will rush out now to get some better beans.


Bob zei…
Nice! I will be waiting for your next blog with this ES3!
Bob zei…
Nice, I will be waiting for your next blog concerning the ES3!
Great Content!You have explained everything very nicely,thanks for providing quality content.

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