Zappa coffee

'Frank Zappa made the best fucking coffee I've ever tasted in my life. I've never before or since tasted coffee as good as I had at Frank's house. I asked him about it and he said it was some European blend that he had picked up. It was great! He'd say "I'm gonna go build a pot of coffee."
He had the best coffee and we sure drank a lot of it.' 

 Arthur Barrow interviewed (3/2/2002) by Tom Brown, reprinted in Tom Brown's new Book "Confessions of a Zappa Fanatic"

 A friend comments: "Arthur implies this was happening around the time they were replacing the original bass parts on the Money album, after the new studio was built so in the early 1980's (CD was released by Rhino in 1986, studio was built 80-82 I think). So this was long after the log cabin days with the old pot on the stove being heated and reheated. We are finally closer to the TRUTH, TCOWITB (the crux of which is the bean)! All rights perfused, refused, confused, and thoroughly sued."


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