Tracking roasting energy consumption



I got a little Fritz!Dect210 device that's able to pass enough kW to feed my FZ94 roaster and now I can track its energy use.The most recent roast of 1700g Ethiopian beans took 1.3kWh.The device provides interesting graphs:

Roasting all in all took about half an hour. Warmup starts around 20:04 at full power and Voltage drops from about 232V to 224V. First part of the roast is full power also, then as the heater gradually takes less power, the Voltage rises. After the heating elements shut down, power useage drops steeply and the cooling fan briefly takes some extra power. 

On Nov 25 I did one roast, next day two roasts, on Dec 2 one roast that consumed 1.315 kWh
Last night room temp gradually dropped and after we woke up the room got warmer. When I started roasting and opened windows and doors, the room cooled down. After the end of the roast I let the roaster cool down and the exhaust pipe blew out hot air from the drum near the Fritz! which assumed the room got quite hot (but outside of that kitchen corner it was really cold)


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