Roasting Guatemala with an eye on energy use

First tweaked the sliders in Artisan to heat up the machine with a lower airflow, keeping more heat inside the machine. This cost 0.087 kWh

Warmup started at 19:31 for 15 minutes, using 0.686 kWh

CHARGE happened at 19:47. Shortly after, energy use declines as ever less heat is needed.

FC at 19:58

DROP at 20:01 after using 1.264 kWh

Cooling of the roasted beans took 2 minutes

Switched OFF the roaster at 20:05 having used a total of 1.274 kWh for the roast of 1700g green beans

Batch 8:

Start warmup 16:04

CHARGE 16:19 at 0.732 kWh

DROP 16:34 1.272 kWh

Machine OFF 16:35 1.277 kWh

B9 on 27 dec 2021:

ON 19:15

CHARGE 19:29 at 0.667 kWh

DROP 19:44 at 1.24 kWh

OFF 19:45 at 1.246 kWh

batch 10, 1500g green:

batch 11, 1500g:

Warmup 0,63 kWh

FC at 1,132 kWh

OFF at 1,212 kWh

Batch 12, less energy (1500g):


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