A simple procedure to make oneself a single dosed cup of coffee, using the G-IOTA grinder and the LONDINIUM R24 espresso machine.

This G-IOTA needs to be set very fine, a little below the "zero" point even and the grinding takes relatively long (37s) but then, at 18g in the 18g basket, a nice flow delivered a delicious sweet early morning espresso.

This procedure would fit well with home baristas who enjoy all the extended rituals of weighing the beans, watching the grinder munch away with a spray of grinds at the start and a long breath of grind dust at the end to finish off the last few beans, weighing again, shaking, stirring, tamping... 

I mostly just push a button on one of the other grinders, get 18g in a few seconds, stir, tamp, lock in and extract, but the LR24 espresso from the G-IOTA grinds was impeccable so I'm sure people who choose the G-IOTA for its low price will be happy.

For this medium light (Tonino #97) roast of Cuba Serrano Superior, fully washed, roasted 20 days ago, I selected a mild pre-infusion pressure of just 2.4 bar on the LONDINIUM app.



Bart zei…
Beste Frans, het plexiglazen (?) doseerkopje dat je gebruikt voor het maalsel, hoort dit bij de G-IOTA? Of kan je dit ergens kopen?

Ziet er zeer handig uit!

Dank je
Frans zei…
Hoi Bart,
Ja dat opvangbakje past exact en wordt erbij geleverd.
Ze komen nog met een metalen versie ervan, hoorde ik.
Frans zei…
John emails: "Seems to be a mostly positive review from the Gulls."

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