Fellow Corvo EKG - fun smart small water heater


Bought this little black water kettle at a big online store. The confirmation email said it could be a week before delivery but the very next day a young man was at my door for delivery! 

Wouter Brunia of https://wb.coffee/about works here in Amsterdam so it was easier for him to hand deliver than go therough the trouble of shipping ;-)

The kettle heats to a precise target and then keeps the water at that temperature. I like to drink hot water of 65ºC and until now I just cooked water, poured it into a thermos flask and added some cold water. Now I always have water of the temp that I like ready to pour into my glass.

And when I next go on a trip I will bring it along to make espresso with the Mypressi and then I will set it to 100ºC to properly pre-heat the device.

Here the water is 100º and I turned back the target to 90ºC

Here water is heated 100ºC and on hold to sustain the temp.

I compared water from my BWT water filter system to the water provided by the city water company and I prefer the unfiltered water. The BWT filter delivers water that's expected to be best for the espressomachine so I will henceforth use the unfiltered tap water for consumption outside the espresso machine infrastructure.

BWT filtered