Screening Beans

Jan van der Weel used a laser cutter (jn the video I mention 'printing' but it's actually 'cutting') to make beautiful coffee screens, so let's screen some beans and see the spread in bean size:

Youtube link:

Large size beans (of the right density, not too big/soft) are often preferred but I'm not convinced those are necessarily better tasting in the cup. It may help to have beans of a fairly similar size in a bag to roast, since smaller beans might be small for a reason (picked too early, not fully ripe). Smaller beans in the mix might also roast differently (or hardly roast along at all). And sometime very large beans in the mix tend to look strangely oversized post-roast with a pale not very nice surface. 

These Indonesian beans, if roasted not to dark, can have different grades of brown and they do have different sizes. Will be interesting to compare the 'size spread' to others in my stock.


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