Weekend retreat: extract and recharge

A room with a view

In order to take care of some post-influenza weariness we booked a comfortable hotel deep in Germany's Sauerland to recharge ourselves.

Of course we brought along some basic espresso tools to be able to enjoy recently roasted Colombian Geisha beans, but we also packed a box full of depleted batteries that all need a different charge and refresh routine. This task which was neglected at home will be on top of the table this weekend.

Willingen is surrounded by hills, some still covered in patches of snow but with good food, our own coffee and this array of batteries there will be no need to step outside.

Back in 2016 I posted about this super nerdy and fun battery charging tool, the SKYRC MC3000.

In the manual it correctly states what the tool is about:
Charging batteries is usually a primitive, boring task. Can't fool you friends, it still is. In fact, this charger merely knows three elementary routines: charge, discharge, rest. However... refining, combining and repeating them in impressive cycles will make you fel dominant and superior! We believe that operating the device will bring some fun and satisfaction to an otherwise mundane activity: charging one's empty batteries. The MC3000 may be the most joyful not so compact 4-bay universal round battery charger in the world.


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