Taming light roasts with the Digital Pre-infusion Module #2

Tried the very light Kenya roast, intended for filter, on the LONDINIUM with the Digital Pre-infusion Module.

Used 18.5g in the 18g IMS Londinium basket. This hard bean needed a very fine grind for which my early version of the etzMAX Medium is not specifically designed, so after the first shot I did the grinding on the huge Compak R120 which bites through hard beans without hesitation.

(PS inserted 15 December 2018: meanwhile I found out that the etzMAX does handle the load if I grind 20g in the 18g IMS Londinium basket for the same flow characteristics)

The resulting shot: good flow, enough of the dark spots on the crema to be a real espresso. Taste: spicy, laurel, none of the dry after taste that usually happened for me with less developed hard 'light roast' beans.


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